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I hope it's OK that I made this an entry - it's such a throwback to classic drama that I suspect some people might still enjoy it even if the comm members have changed since back then.

I want names, damn. And great advertisement for his biography, I've got to say. )

And this just in:

FIFA ethics commission (hah) cautions Beckenbauer for failing to cooperate in investigating how the 2018 and 2022 World Cups came to be where they are. He's also getting a fine that I am sure will have a great impact on him. 7000 Swiss Franks. German-language Twitter is organising crowdfunding efforts for the poor old man.

ETA: That's 6300 Euro. Beckenbauer is estimated to have a fortune of 160 million Euro. And that sort of thing is why in Germany court fines go by income, and someone whom I won't name got a 540,000 Euro fine for drivers' license issues.
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So, it was the last one. The Final. It was Germany vs. Lionel Messi (+10 other guys).

The last time either of these teams were in the final of a World Cup was in 1990 (against each other). Germany won. And these two teams have had a long history. Let's take a brief look at it, shall we?

Some fond memories ahead )

Okay, I was supposed to do the recap of the final but I thought it'd be fun to look back at some memorable matches. I'm clearly dragging this out. I just can't accept that the World Cup is over. Also, for those who wanted more Özil, I HAVE ADDED MORE ÖZIL!
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Still remember Les Misérables 2010? France's WC campaign was remembered for a lot of things but the man in the center of it all, Raymond Domenech has published a memoir about his life at the helm of the national team which includes his account of the now infamous campaign.

France Football Weekly  has translated a few parts where he discusses some of the players: Anelka, Henry, Ribery, Gourcuff, Malouda and Nasri

More this way )

Also an excellent section is where he discusses the shift in values in French football and shades Nasri (this putain rn)

Domenech on the generational gap. )
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German National Team Not Aryan Enough For Butthurt Fabio Capello

(You know - that Italian manager who represents England).

Capello calls on Platini to act after swipe at Germans for ‘stealing talent’
By Matt Barlow (dailymail.co.uk)

"Odd ones out?" Let's play "spot the non-Aryan".

Fabio Capello has taken a swipe at Germany for adopting players of Turkish origin and called upon football’s rulers to end the drain of talent from poorer countries.

Capello is still haunted by England’s 4-1 defeat at the hands of the Germans in last summer’s World Cup and raised the issue of citizenship when he addressed the Dubai International Sport conference.

‘A line needs to be drawn,’ said the Italian. ‘Richer clubs are talent-scouting and stealing players by bidding higher and not thinking about the consequences for those countries.

‘These players are acquiring new passports. Germany had five of Turkish origin who opted to represent them and we all know what happened.’

Germany’s squad for the 2010 World Cup final in South Africa contained 11 players who could have qualified for other countries. Capello claims Turkey would have been far stronger with the ‘five’ who opted to represent Germany but his facts are muddled. Two players of Turkish descent were in Joachim Low’s squad — Mesut Ozil and Serdar Tasci — and both were born in Germany.

Miroslav Klose and Lukas Podolski, who both scored against England in Bloemfontein, were born in Poland. Podolski moved to Germany aged two and Klose aged seven.

More Outrageousness Beneath... )

I would like to thank [livejournal.com profile] dld_ftw for alerting me to this story, and for posting it on her beyond beautiful blog.
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Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Theo Walcott has lifted the lid on life in the England camp under Fabio Capello and revealed a regime ruled by fear in which the Italian has made players cry, thrown things at them during dinner and ignored agreements with clubs to release injured stars.

The Arsenal winger was the surprise exclusion from the World Cup squad last year - four years after being Sven-Goran Eriksson's shock inclusion - and admitted that manner of the shun had left him angry, numb and confused.

forget The Notebook, this shit is going to make you cry )
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At the end of Spain-Czech Republic yesterday, I was going into squee overdrive because Torres and Cech were chummying up to each other and it was SO. ADORABLE: -


Which got me thinking, that kind of thing, club teammates helping each other up, going to chat to each other at the end of an international match regardless of result, is one of the most adorable things in football, the total antithesis to the Ronaldo-Rooney situation of the 2006 World Cup, if you will. So, if you fancy it, share some pics of your club's players being all cutesy with each other on international duty!! (oh, I think I meant to imply that they should be in opposing teams, otherwise this would have been a big Frank-JT-fest. ;) ) 
adorable )


Now you!

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Sepp Blatter will make way for a successor as FIFA president in four years' time if he is re-elected in June, he has announced.

Blatter is seeking a fourth term as FIFA president and is being challenged by Asian confederation chief Mohamed Bin Hammam.

The 75-year-old told UEFA's Congress in Paris on Tuesday that if he wins he will definitely stand down in 2015, saying: "You know very well that I am a candidate for the next four years as FIFA president but these will be the last four years for which I stand as a candidate."
He added: "Together we have the task of bringing together the adventure we have started.
"We want to ensure a better future for our youth."

The new president will be elected at a Fifa Congress which starts on 31 May.

With Bin Hammam vowing to increase Fifa's decision-making power and spread its considerable wealth, Blatter is facing his first challenge since Issa Hayatou took him on - and lost - in 2002.

Bin Hammam is also currently attending the Congress for European football's governing body, Uefa, as they lobby federation presidents for their vote on 1 June in Zurich.
Uefa members make up more than one quarter of the maximum 208 Fifa voters that Blatter and Bin Hammam will attempt to woo.
The winner needs a two-thirds majority of valid votes cast in the first ballot, or a majority in the second.

Fifa has set an 1 April deadline for other candidates to be nominated by a single member federation.
"We are in extra time," said Blatter, referring to the time left before the election. "Let's wait and see what the outcome will be."

source, 2

tag as u see fit
i could have sworn there was a "blatter infection" tag, maybe i just made that up


Jan. 19th, 2011 07:40 pm
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Hello my lovelies. I stand here today (cyberly) bearing a gift for all of you.

Collect gift here! )
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The 2011 Qatar Asian Cup is about take place(!!!), and in celebration/preparation/anticipation/whatever, this is a...


To get your attention: Harry Kewell! Tim Cahill! Lucas Neill! (Double-L surnames!?) Handsome men!
This is: the Australian national football team! (totes not obvious, yah?)
The bosses: Football Federation Australia (FFA)
Represent!: Asian Football Confederation
Deck out in: green and gold
Y’all know us as: the Socceroos (as if you couldn’t tell by the very subtle font above)
Flyin’ low without this sponsor: Qantas Airlines (full name: Qantas Socceroos)... which is good because the boys do shittonnes of travelling
Fashion statement: Nike
HBIC Coach: Holger Osieck
HBIC Captain: the dashingly handsome Lucas Neill
In line for FIFA’s throne: (as of 15 December 2010) rank #26
Haters: to the far left
Kangaroos: are totally badass
Koalas: ditto

The Socceroos pre-2006, the move to the AFC, our Asian Cup and World Cup campaigns, the coaches who took us there, our kickass Women’s team (who WON THE 2010 WOMEN’S ASIAN CUP(!!!!!) I might ever-so-subtly add), and the men’s team’s 2011 Asian Cup squad members. All here (with a healthy dose of tl;dr) under the cuts!
Note that I will mostly stick to calling it “soccer", because that’s generallyyyyy what we’re used to calling it in Australia (SOCCERoos, y/y?). We have another sport, Australian Rules football (or AFL (Australian Football League) for short), which is what we refer to as "football" or "footy", so it gets a bit confusing. And for the record, it is NOTHING like the ‘football’ most of you know. AFL is more like a bastardisation of chaotic rugby with a bit more kicking. But then, I’m a biased soccer fan, sooo...

Now, without further ado, obligatory kangaroo invites you in!

(that’s my pet kangaroo, her name is Milly and she is 2 years old*. :’)

*I am joking. We do not generally keep kangaroos as pets in Australia.

And so, we begin...

Pre-2006: Australia With The OFC, Or The 31 - 0 Thrashing Of American Samoa And More )

Road to 2006: Australia’s Qualification And First World Cup Appearance Since 1974 )

From OFC to AFC: Australia Moving On )

2007 AFC Asian Cup: Not Quite The Impact We Had Hoped For )

Road to 2010: The Socceroos’ Rollercoaster Ride )

2011 AFC Asian Cup: The Next Journey )

2010, The Matildas: The Awesome HBICs AKA Our Australian Women’s Team )

The Coaches: The Head Honchos Of The Socceroos )

The Squad: The 2011 Asian Cup Socceroos )

Australia for 2015 AFC Asian Cup )

And so concludes this extremely long-winded Socceroos 101. How will we fare in the 2011 Asian Cup, and eventually, the qualifiers for the 2014 Brazil World Cup? Only time will tell.

Ladies and gentlemen, this is the Australian national team, our beloved Socceroos.

Dancing John Travolta and Tim Cahill thanks you for your time.

(and so does Milly! :D)

Sources: Wikipedia, Google, Australian FourFourTwo, Zimbio, various Australian news sources, cute kangaroo photo is from here
Disclaimer: I wasn’t kidding when I said tl;dr ok!!!
(If I have left out anything you feel is important, please don’t hesitate to let me know, and I’ll try to incorporate it into the 101!)
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For those who don't know me, my name is Florentino Perez. I like money so I found this interesting, and I hope you do too.

FIFA hands out $40 million to clubs

Reuters - 1 hours ago
ZURICH - FIFA is handing out $40 million to clubs whose players took part in last year's World Cup, though that may not placate European clubs who have labelled the fixed-payment system unrealistic.

Bayern Munich have been the most vociferous critics after their Dutch winger Arjen Robben returned injured from the tournament in South Africa. He has yet to play for the Bavarian club this season.

The biggest payout of $866,267 goes to Barcelona, followed by Bayern Munich ($778,667), Chelsea ($762,667), Liverpool ($695,600) and Real Madrid ($678,133), FIFA said.

European clubs took the lion's share with English clubs receiving $5,992,533 between them.

The amounts are based on the number of players each club sent to the World Cup and on the number of days spent at the tournament.

"We are pleased that we can share the success of the 2010 FIFA World Cup with the clubs by providing them a share of the benefits of our flagship event, in particular to recognise their efforts in the development of young players", president Sepp Blatter said on the FIFA website.

FIFA added that the total would rise from $40 million to $70 million for the 2014 World Cup in Brazil "to recognise the important part clubs play in the success of the World Cup."

But Bayern chairman Karl-Heinz Rummenigge, who is president of the European Clubs' Association, said in September the system was out of touch with reality and that FIFA needed to set up an insurance policy.
"For releasing Arjen Robben, I heard we will get something like 57,000 euros from this $40 million pot but it (his salary) costs many, many times more," said Rummenigge.

"The world of the top clubs is maybe different to what they think."

Nearly $2 million was handed out to clubs from Japan, whose national side were knocked out in the second round, while clubs from Ghana, who reached the quarter-finals, received only $222,000 between them.

Clubs from semi-finalists Uruguay, who had only two home-based players in their squad, received only $186,000.

FIFA said that a total of 400 clubs from 55 countries received payments.

This WSJ/AP Article better articulates how the payment is determined but is longer:

First you get the money, then you get the power, then you get respect. ) 
some of the payments broken down by national league )

here's the list of total pay off by national organization in PDF form because FIFA are cockblockers and won't let me copy and paste from a PDF.

So maybe the EPL really is the best league in da world? I refuse to make a similar statement regarding Barcelona because like George Washington, I cannot tell a lie and everyone knows Real Madrid is.

And who (if anyone) should pay if players are injured on national duty?

reuters via fourfourtwoap via wsj
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Cesc at the BBC Sports Personality of the Year awards

Cesc talks about the Spain National Team winning the World Cup, and presents the top three awards, including the top prize to Arsenal fan, jockey AP McCoy.

Cesc tweeted: "Made it even better giving the main award to a horse racing legend and big Arsenal fan like AP McCoy."

Videos and screen caps! )
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Today, at the Adidas headquarters in Herzogenaurach near Nuremberg, three golden boys got their Wolrd Cup's awards: Golden Glove (Iker Casillas), Golden Boot (Thomas Mueller) and Golden Ball (Diego Forlan). Just look, girls!

More beauty this way )
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BARCELONA (AP) Doping doctor Eufemiano Fuentes should fit in with the info that can deprive Spain both World Cup and European Championship gold in football.

"If I speak, we will no longer be the world and European champions in football."

This quote is from the doctor Eufemiano Fuentes, rendered in the major Spanish newspaper El Mundo today, suggests that Spanish football has adopted illegal means on the road to the European Championship gold in 2008 and World Cup gold in 2010.

Fuentes is known as one of the perpetrators in the Operación Puerto case in 2006, where top riders Jan Ullrich, Ivan Basso and Alejandro Valverde was among those who were caught blood doping, after it was found large amounts of blood bags and other evidence of Fuentes in Madrid.

Thursday Fuentes was arrested in the take-up of a new doping case in Spain: Operación Galgos.

Coming from fellow prisoner

The quote in El Mundo does not come directly from Fuentes, but through a person he was imprisoned by the weekend.  Despite this, the case turned up in many large Spanish media sources.

  As a result, coach Vicente Del Bosque gone out and said that he did not know about doping in Spanish football.

- In my 43 years in football I have not known or seen anything suspicious, "said Del Bosque .

Barcelona star Xavi, who helped to win both European and World Championships, says the same thing.

  - Currently, no one found guilty, but it's a shame with this case. We in the football are confident that we won the World Cup without doping. We relate to this quiet, there's no problem for us, "said Xavi .

Fuentes has said that he has also worked with the football teams in the top two levels in Spain.

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Paul made a last round of global headlines after his German aquarium announced that he died in the night between Monday and Tuesday.

Paul gained worldwide fame at the World Cup by correctly predicting the winner of Germany's seven games in South Africa and the final between Spain and the Netherlands as well.

The sad news made it onto the website of the ruling football body FIFA and newspapers around the world.

Paul's Facebook page was filled with comments and users also expressed their grief on social networking site, twitter. He was named a true star of the World Cup and some suggested he should be nominated for the World Player of the Year award.

However, Maradona was also jubilant at Paul's demise, saying: "I am happy your gone Psychic Octopus, it's your fault we lost the World Cup."

The games Paul accurately predicted included Germany's quarter-final against Argentina, which the Germans won 4-0 to end Maradona's term as Argentina coach.

The predictions were made by lowering boxes into Paul's tank, each containing a mussel and a flag of the two teams. The box from which he ate the mussel was deemed to be the winner.

The aquarium in Oberhausen announced it would set up a small monument in his honour.(DPA)


Thank you, [livejournal.com profile] ela_alonso for bringing this to my attention :D
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Five-ref plan needs fast action: Valcke
Graham Dunbar October 13, 2010 - 5:34AM

Soccer's experimental five-referees system needs fast-track approval next year to be ready for the 2014 World Cup, FIFA secretary general Jerome Valcke said on Tuesday.

Valcke told The Associated Press that elite referees will begin FIFA's three-year training program in 2011 for the tournament in Brazil, and each must start working with a regular team of either two or four assistants.

article )


alifjalskdmlscvmasd *facepalm* :|
This had so better work, FIFA. THIS HAD SO BETTER WORK.

Anyway, thoughts? That a fifth ref will cut it, or that Sepp Blatter should retire goal-line tech is still needed, etc.?
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What? I'm feeling nostalgic, and also excited for the Argentina-Spain friendly on Tuesday.

I also got some extra WC footage with many happy moments of Maradona and Argentinian players. Looks like we won't see him like this again (but never say never!), so let's just keep it in memory...

FOr those for whom tinypic doesn't work - they are all here in .zip archive, 27MB:

There're 24 gifs, most involving Maradona but also a bunch of BAMFs like this one:

Go here for the rest. )
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It's official - "The King" Pele welcomes Forlan onto football Olympus, says Forlan is the best player in the World. :) Also praises Spain NT.

In English:
"The legendary Brazilian footballer 'Pelé', praised the Uruguayan player Diego Forlan and the Spanish NT, admitting that he would have liked to play in that team."
More English translation under the cut )

Forlan responded: "I am very proud that such a great player as Pele said that. It's incredible. And I'm very grateful".
About Super Cup against Inter Milan on Aug. 27th, he said that "it will be a big game" and that Atletico is ready for it, being strengthened with quality players, and that he himself is in great shape.
It also might deside who gets this year's Balon D'Ore - Forlan or Sneider, as them and Iniesta are currently the main contenders for it. Whew, talk about pressure!
But Forlan says the only thing which matters is to win it for his team. :)

Also, this weekend proud papa Luis Suarez showed off his 2-weeks old daughter Delfina, all decked in Ajax kit!
And you can tell he's totally smitten with her!

There's also a video on the AjaxLife site, but it won't embed.
And in case it won't play for some, a bunch of screen caps of smitten Suarez: under the cut )

So if that's not a reason for a big-ass gifspam, I don't know what is!
Plus we got our paws on some amazing extra footage from WC, and been making them into gifs for a while, so now we can share. :)

I ranted once that it was raining in Uru-SK game, and Forlan took his shirt off and it wasn't shown? Guess what - it WAS, just not to everyone!
And look what they were hiding from us!

More of that under the cut, plus Suarez kissing his wife after France game, plus more Sk celebrations, arrival of Uruguayan boys in suits etc.:
9 gifs here. )

And here are some stunning gifs by [livejournal.com profile] tearful_eye - more boys in suits, boys with lion cubs, training gifs and some very pretty game promos!
18 gorgeous gifs here! )

And a few gifs by [livejournal.com profile] tearful_eye from Atletico EL semi-final and final games, to put us in the mood for Super Cup with Inter on Friday!
6 Forlan in Atletico gifs here. )


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