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The girlfriend of Manchester United goalkeeper David De Gea will represent Spain at Eurovision in May.

Stunning singer Edurne Garcia, 29, was told earlier this week that she was set to perform on the world famous stage.

Garcia shot to fame with an appearance in Spain's equivalent of Pop Idol in 2005 and will be hoping to better Spain's 10th place finish of last year.

And busty model Garcia is hopeful that United stopper De Gea will be given some time off by United manager Louis van Gaal so that he can accompany her to the finals, which will take place in Vienna in May.

However, with the final taking place on Saturday 23 May, it is unlikely he will be allowed to travel - as United travel to Hull on the Sunday in the final match of the Premier League season.

She told the Daily Mail: "He was very happy for me when I told him, just like my family and friends.

"The people who love you share in your good news.

"David and I are very very happy together. I think he's going to be tied up with league commitments but I hope he can be there at the final along with my family and friends so we can live the experience together."


ONTD_FB who is your favourite WAG? Is she singing at Eurovision?

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Flawless queen Shakira finally gave birth to her second son in the Teknon Hospital in Barcelona. The baby was born around 11 PM on Thrusday. The baby's father, some flop named PK, had traveled to Madrid that morning to destroy Atletico Madrid (sob) 3-2 in the Copa del Rey.

The couple's first son, Milan, turned two last week on January 22nd. As of now, there hasn't been official confirmation of the baby's name, but PK's friend and journalist Jordi Basté stated in the show Arucitys that the baby could be called either Andrea or Sacha.

Shakira and her partner will turn 38 and 28 (respectively) this upcoming February 2nd.
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"We can confirm Irina Shayk has ended her relationship to Cristiano Ronaldo of five years. She has been close with his family throughout the course of their relationship," Shayk's rep tells Us in a statement. "Any negative rumors with regards to Irina and the Ronaldo family are completely false, and have not been a factor in the cause of the spilt. Irina has no further comment at the time."


So, I guess this isn't such a surprise after she didn't attend Ballon d'Or. Kind of sad, though, considering they were together for 5 years.

In other news, Crispy didn't manage to win Fallon d'Floor 2014, he only got 3rd place! Dying at the winning dive, he made it look like a seizure!
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So, it's Christmas time and Bayern Munich had its annual christmas party with the usual suspects turning up.

Here's David Alaba with a Christmas tree to get you started.

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Arsenal star Alexis Sanchez accused of texting former Miss Chile Camila Andrade behind girlfriend Laia Grassi's back

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