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Do you think this is the first time he's ever baked/eaten cake?

To celebrate reaching 10m Facebook followers
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Exclusive interview for The Telegraph: The Chelsea manager talks religion, 'fearing nothing' and Machiavelli. Plus, he finally reveals the one thing he and title rival Arsene Wenger actually agree on.

"I think,” the Chelsea manager José Mourinho says, “I have a problem, which is I’m getting better at everything related to my job since I started. There has been evolution in many different areas – the way I read the game; the way I prepare the game; the way I train; the methodology … I feel better and better. But there is one point where I cannot change: when I face the media, I am never a hypocrite.”

Statistically speaking, Mourinho is the most successful club manager in world football. He has won the league titles in each of the four countries where he has managed – his native Portugal, Italy, Spain and England. He has won the Champions League twice. But that, of course, is only the half of it. Mourinho is – arguably – also the most divisive manager in football. There is no manager more likely to ignite the ire of rival fans. The jousting with referees and the FA, the press-conference wind-ups, the touchline sulks – never mind the football, watching Mourinho is almost a spectator sport in itself.

long but very interesting interview/article )

I go back and forth with Mou (especially this season when he's whining so much), but this interview is one of those that make me love him. :)
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After a violent attack on the team bus of club Fenerbace, Süper Lig match-day is cancelled for next weekend. According to Süddeutsche Zeitung someone fired shots on the bus. Turkish media and football fans are in shock. There are even talks about stopping the lig altogether for the the time being.

On less serious news: Juan Arango did a Suarez!

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Did you know that the Asian Cup was coming up?  In honor of [livejournal.com profile] ontd_football's Asian peeps <3, here is a preview of the tournament, which will run from January 9th to January 31st in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Canberra and Newcastle, Australia.  You can also see lots of general details @ Wikipedia. ("The winners of the tournament will earn the right to participate in the 2017 FIFA Confederations Cup, which is to be hosted by Russia.")  The competition's webpage is HERE.

Many have a shot to win this...might not be overly condusive to betting, meliadoul! )

Preview of the teams & groups (warning: large graphics) )

Full Schedule )

Also, the mascot is Nutmeg the Wombat! Suck it, Super Victor. ;-P

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This is a parody/comedy sketch, of course, but I thought it was really funny. (Like, I actually laughed so hard that my eyes were watery by the end.)

A few more details about the video's creation can be found here.

An interview with 'Scott Sterling' with details about how they actually made the video )

And so this post isn't just this video, feel free to spam your favorite goalkeeper saves or just bizarre goalkeeper-related things. Also, all Ochoa WC memes are welcome!  I will grudgingly accept Neuer ones if you mention other goalkeepers too.  NHF a comment section with 100% Manu.  We have all seen how his sweeper-keeper self has somewhat backfired in the wider goalkeeper community.  XD  Almost a plague!  I also dedicate this post to my brother, who was a goalie when he was younger and had a parent from an opposing team encourage his son to kick him after he already was on top of the ball.  Rules, what are those?
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It's DECEMBER. It's that time of the year where people get festive and that includes clubs.

I've spent much of last night watching old holiday videos and laughing over the sheer awkwardness of everything and I can't wait what these clubs have to offer this year.

time to get festive, ontd-fb! )

Post more in the comments! Let's get festive!
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So, if anyone missed it, Messi equalled and broke (twice ...) Zarra's previous most-goals La Liga record:

(with Ray Hudson's commentary)

Lionel Messi: The greatest goalscorer and player La Liga has ever seen

The Argentine forward now leads the Primera Division's all-time scoring charts after surpassing a mark set in 1955. Spain's top-flight has never seen anything like Leo
(By Ben Hayward | Spanish Football Writer)

When Telmo Zarra passed away at the age of 85 in February 2006, his long-standing Liga goals record appeared unbeatable. Back then, Lionel Messi was in only his second season at Barcelona and had scored just seven times in La Liga. But eight years on, he has eclipsed the brilliant Basque and is now not only the Primera Division's greatest goalscorer, but also the finest footballer to ever grace Spain's top-flight.

Messi surpassed Zarra's magical mark of 251 Liga goals with his hat-trick in the 5-1 win against Sevilla at Camp Nou on Saturday and, at the age of 27, could go on to smash the record over the next few seasons at Barcelona. Even though he has adopted more of a playmaker role this term under Luis Enrique, there are plenty more goals still to come from the four-time Ballon d'Or winner.

I bring gifs and videos! :) )
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The cameo appearance from bossman is probably the best thing about this.

Edit: They have more about the shoe (plus the price) here
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Audi Star Talk is a formate where they interview one player for a longer time (about an hour).

Here are several you might enjoy:

Mario Götze: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-nNtvHiTp-U (full talk)

Bastian Schweinsteiger: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8oZyeXf0dqI (link goes to first part on youtube).

Manuel Neuer: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=boP1gQQUXqA (link to first part)

Warning: only German! sorry!
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The secret is out: Barça's new training approach for El Clasico


Atletico Madrid, Barcelona, Chelsea, Manchester United ... )

Oh, Mou ... can't help but love your sassy self. ;) Regarding El Clasico, do you guys think Suarez will play/start??
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Brendan Rodgers expresses his feelings on his team's performance, as well as Balotelli's behaviour at half-time during the post-match interview.

(For more analysis and criticism on their defence and performance last night + "Where is it all going wrong for Liverpool": Source)[Unfortunately I couldn't embed this video linked in the article so thank you Youtube. Also my first post on here. Yay!]

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Andrés Iniesta wins Golden Foot 2014

Andres Iniesta was named as the best over-28 football player for 2014 when he won the Golden Foot award on Monday evening.

The iconic Barcelona star is the first player from his club ever to win (OP: and the first Spanish player) the lucrative gong, which has previously been won by some of football's biggest names.

Iniesta stood on stage in Monaco and planted his feet into a pool of gold to create a mould, which will be placed in the 'Champions promenade' along Monaco's seafront.

After attending the lucrative ball with his girlfriend Anna Ortiz, the 30-year-old tweeted a thank you message for the people who voted for him.

The Golden Foot award is voted for via an online poll but can only be won once in a players' career. Previous winners of the award include Ryan Giggs and Didier Drogba.

A panel of journalists select the ten nominees every year, based on achievements on and off the football pitch.

Wayne Rooney, Cristiano Ronaldo and Yaya Toure were just some of the other names nominated for the award this year, but due to their age will have other chances to win the coveted prize.

Previous Golden Foot winners + Gerrard's video message to Suarez ... )

Who do you think should win the Golden Foot (over-28) next?


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