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Now that the borefest that is the Ballon D'Or is over (Spoiler alert: Messi won), here's the fun part: who voted whom.

Have at it here.

- Henrikh Mkhitaryan (BvB, Armenia) voted for Messi, Ronaldo and Zlatan.

- Christian Fuchs (Leicester, Austria, formerly Schalke) voted for Neuer, Hazard and Ronaldo.

- Wazza (Man Utd, England) voted for Messi, Muller (what great taste!) and his one true love, Ronaldo.

- Vincent Kompany (Man City, Belgium) voted for Hazard, Prince Harry and Messi.

- Basti (Man Utd, Germany) voted Neuer, Muller and Messi.

- Zlatan voted for Zlatan, Zlatan and Zlatan Messi, Suarez and Neymar.

No bias here:

- Messi voted for Suarez, Neymar and Iniesta.

- Neymar voted for Messi, Suarez and Rakitic.

- Satan Bobby (Bayern Munich, Poland) voted for Neuer, Vidal and Muller.

- Jogi voted for Neuer, Muller and Kroos.
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When the January transfer window closes, the biggest clubs in the game will once again have purchased the best players from their smaller counterparts. A tale that is able to repeat itself because of one thing only: Money. A whole lot of it. UEFA's Financial Fair Play wants to put an end to these excesses, but research has revealed that the rules don't have their desired effect. On the contrary. How then, do we make football more fair?

What does Financial Fair Play mean exactly? In what ways will it change the football competitions? And in what ways will it not?... )

[SOURCE. Note! I translated the article and added a few things here and there. More articles such as this one will follow, as I've noticed there's an interest in the community!]
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Sepp Blatter or no Sepp Blatter: that's the question that keeps the football world in its grip now that a new president has to be chosen. But more important still is the question: how do you make an organisation that is so endemically corrupt healthy again?

It took me close to an hour to translate all of this due to its length, but I urge everyone to click the link and take the time to read. It really is incredibly interesting. LOTS of receipts under the cut, as well! I wanted this to be as complete and informative as possible )

SOURCE. (De Correspondent is a Dutch-language, online journalism platform that focuses on background, analysis, investigative reporting, and the kinds of stories that tend to escape the radar of mainstream media because they do not conform to what is normally understood to be 'news'.)

I took the liberty to translate this because Champagne came to the Netherlands today, and I thought it was such an interesting read. There are a few other relevant pieces on football on this site, from Financial Fair Play & how it would make the competition even more unfair to why European football almost always has the same winners. Would anyone be interested in reading about that? If so, let me know! I'll see what I can do. :-)
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Press Conferences: 13:30 CET - 16:30 CET
Red Carpet: 17:00 CET - 18:15 CET
Gala: 18:30 CET - 20:00 CET


FIFATV (FIFA's Youtube Channel)



UK: Sky Sports 5/British Eurosport 1
Europe: EuroSport
Canada: Sportsnet World
USA: Fox Sports 2/Fox Sports Deportes
Asia: Fox Sports/Star Sports
Africa: SuperSport


FIFA Ballon d'Or: Cristiano Ronaldo (Real Madrid and Portugal), Lionel Messi (Barcelona and Argentina), Manuel Neuer (Bayern Munich and Germany).

FIFA Women's Player of the Year: Nadine Kessler (Germany), Marta (Brazil), Abby Wambach (USA).

Men's World Coach of the Year: Carlo Ancelotti (Real Madrid), Joachim Low (Germany), Diego Simeone (Atletico Madrid).

Women's World Coach of the Year: Ralf Kellerman (Germany), Maren Meinert (Germany), Norio Sasaki (Japan).

Puskas Award: Stephanie Roche, James Rodriguez, Robin Van Persie.
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Vicente del Bosque’s Spain had 20 shots to Slovakia’s five but still ended up suffering their first qualifying defeat since 2006. Photograph: Shaun Botterill/Getty

From Solna to Zilina, for eight long years Spain went unbeaten in qualifiers. Defeated 3-2 by Northern Ireland in September 2006, they then lost 2-0 to Sweden in their following game. It proved a turning point and the run began. Between October 2006 and October 2014 they played 35 matches, winning 32, drawing two and losing none. Last night, that run came to an end with a 2-1 defeat against Slovakia that the Spain manager Vicente Del Bosque described as “absolutely unexpected”.

Others handed down far more damning verdicts. The reality is that when it comes to qualification for Euro 2016 this result matters little – in all probability, Spain will still make it and comfortably so – but this reverse mattered a lot. If anyone doubted that Spain’s era was over, here was further proof. After a unique run of three tournament successes in a row, the world and double European champions were the first team knocked out of Brazil 2014. And now this.

“Spain get used to losing,” ran one headline this morning. If that sounded absurd, eight years on, it was not so far off. They have now been beaten four times in six games. Holland, Chile, France and Slovakia have defeated them; only Australia and Macedonia have been beaten. One columnist signed off cartoon style: “That’s All Folks”.

Del Bosque insisted that his team had deserved much more and some of his players agreed. Spain racked up 20 shots to Slovakia’s five and they had the home side cornered. The goal that made their task such a difficult one was a mistake from goalkeeper Iker Casillas and from then they were confronted by an ultra-defensive opponent. They risked everything to get the equaliser, a succession of defenders departing, and finally got it trough Paco Alcácer. But then they were caught on the break. “The second goal arrived because Piqué” was the only one [back] there,” Kozac said.

Yet this failure was deeper, not solely attributable to misfortune or poor finishing. Some recalled Cyprus, the game that cost Javier Clemente his job: the implicit suggestion was that this could prove Del Bosque’s Waterloo. It was not that bad, but nor was it that good. There was a lack of incision about Spain, the ball circulated without the speed that once characterised them and there was little mobility. There appeared to be few ideas too, a failing that is more alarming still for a team that if it had anything it had a clear identity.

This isn’t the Spain they’d come to know; it was more like the Spain they used to know and didn’t much like. “It brought back memories of the bad times,” wrote the AS. The descriptions that filled the pages of the morning papers were unequivocal. “Total write-off”. “A pale shadow”. “Ridiculous”. “Fiasco”. “Shipwreck”. El País’s match report opened by declaring that Spain had “lost its charm”, adding: “that brilliance feels very remote now ... there’s no sign of that podium in Kiev”.

For the goalkeeper who lifted the trophy there, and in South Africa and in Austria, these are difficult days. Iker Casillas’s mistake only increases the pressure on the captain at a time when he appeared to be recovering. He admitted that he “did not like” the way he had played at the World Cup and many went for him, knives sharpened.

Del Bosque stood by him, despite having David de Gea waiting to be included. Standing by him will be harder now. “What a song!” ran the front of Marca. “Iker sings!” shouted the front of Sport. And the last thing you want is a goalkeeper who sings. In Spanish football parlance to sing is to mess it up and there have been too many songs of late. De Gea was likely to start on Sunday anyway; he may soon become a permanent preference.

At the other end, Diego Costa played his sixth game for Spain, 18 months after he played his second and last game for Brazil. He has seven in nine games for Chelsea but none in six for Spain. “No goalkeeper, no striker” sniped one headline and even if this was perhaps his best performance for the national team, he is still to find his feet fully. Del Bosque has talked about Spain adapting their style to suit Costa. Others have talked about Costa adapting his style to suit Spain. Neither has really happened as yet; they have not yet met. The sense of confusion nags.

Del Bosque chose not to see it. Or, at least, not to say it. “I don’t think we’re on a bad run,” he said. “That’s football. I can have no complaints about the players.”


Related: Vicente del Bosque defends Spain after shock Slovakia defeat
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Carl Jenkinson, the cutest boy in the world, might be leaving Arsenal. *bursts into tears*

The signs are already there. His best friend (is there no loyalty?) is even hanging out and *gasp* exchanging #banter with his replacement:

This post is basically a tribute to Jenks, my favourite Gunner. I hope the loan deal falls through or is a false rumour. Or please God - just let it be a loan and not a sale. Please I'll be so good.

MEET CARL JENKINSON [livejournal.com profile] ontd_football

Jenks is an Arsenal fan first, player after.

This is his childhood bedroom. Kindly note the Arsenal crest wall-paper, the t-shirts, the jerseys, the Highbury duvet, the room decor and the curtains:

Carl Jenkinson is love and there's more under the cut... )

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Story says that evil teacher, instead of filling his album in the usual way, has been "confiscating" the stickers from his students and was caught pasting them into his own album in the staff-room.

"One forlorn 13 year-old" has reported the incident to police.


I realize some of us might be missing that Julian Draxler sticker - but honestly! Tad excessive, no?


This is no way to set an example to children; taking away stickers for your own benefit,' one mother grumbled to Colombian national radio station RCN.

It is unknown whether the teacher managed to fill his World Cup album, but the kids have vowed to stick together until they get their swap piles back.



Jan. 24th, 2013 08:55 am
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The Guardian's Fiver never disappoints!

Mad About The Ball Boy

As exercises in deflection go, it was Lord Ferg-esque in its genius. With the clock ticking down and the jig almost certainly up fo Chelsea Eden Hazard it upon a splendid wheeze to divert attention away from his side's limp Milk Cup semi-final exit at the hands of Swansea. By hoofing an uncooperative ballboy in the ribs and getting sent off, the Belgian ensured all talk after the match would be about that particular incident rather than the listless Big Cup champions being humbled by Swansea, who had just qualified for their first major final in ... ah, what's the use: LOOK! EDEN HAZARD KICKED A BALL BOY!

It was one of those incidents that we're supposed to pretend we don't like to see in the game, when in fact it is one of those incidents everyone secretly loves to see in the game: an uncooperative ballboy getting hoofed in the ribs by a player who needed the ball in a hurry. He wasn't hurt, kind of deserved it and the player got sent off to think about what he'd done and after the match they apologised to each other and both shook hands.

Those who were either entertained and amused, or outraged and ready to burst with pomposity at the horror of it all, got their money's worth. Hats off, then, to the inevitable bozo who felt compelled to report the matter to the police; we can only hope the officers consequently assigned to investigate it were diverted from their duties while en route to stop a burglary in progress at the hand-wringer in question's house [FIVER STOP PRESS ED – Swansea have confirmed the ballboy, Charlie Morgan, will not be pursuing the incident with the police].

But will the 'elf 'n' safety board get involved? )

It got better. It turns out the hero of the story, Morgan, was in fact 17 years old (Eden Hazard is 22 and smaller than him) and actually a reluctant former ballboy who had been lured out of retirement for one last job, possibly because the match kicked off after the usual ballboy's bedtime. "The king of all ballboys is back making his final appearance #needed #for #timewasting" he had tweeted prior to the game. And in a story with parallels to Unforgiven and many other movies, he shipped one in the ribs while taking care of business like William Munny, but lived to tell the tale. Of course only time will tell whether or not he will move to San Francisco and set up a prosperous dry goods business, but if he chooses to do so, the Fiver wishes him well.

After a magnificently entertaining night and day of nonsense in which young master Morgan earned his bunk in next year's Celebrity Big Brother house, Glenn Hoddle labelled an impulsive teenager "bent", the internet threatened to melt like Major Toht's face in Raiders of the Lost Ark and the normally sane Pat Nevin went on the national news (the national news! ) to demand an end to ballboys, and the FA has now announced it will review the incident before deciding how long the obviously contrite Hazard should spend on the naughty step. The only way this could have been more entertaining is if it had been Luis Suarez administering the hoofing.

They also posted two letters to their column:

"If only it was Fernando Torres who chased the at ball against Swansea: he would have ended up hitting the advertisement boarding instead of young Mr Morgan" – James Lavelle.

"With regards to the apparent time wasting in last night's Swansea game: what we should all remember is that Charlie Morgan is not that type of ballboy" – Simon Lea.

And elsewhere, a list of what those in the football world are saying (latent anger at ballboys is, apparently, no longer latent)-

Didi Hamann @DietmarHamann

What has the game come to if you tell your ballboys to slow the game down.... Football is watched all over the world #Rolemodel

Michael Owen @themichaelowen

I'm not saying Hazard isn't in the wrong but I hate to see a person who instigates a situation then cry foul for next to nothing. How people can claim Hazard assaulted a kid is embarrassing. He shouldn't of kicked the ball out of his grasp but he hardly booted the lad as some people were suggesting. The lads antics were scandalous and no wonder he isn't taking any further action

Robbie Savage @RobbieSavage8

If the ballboy gives the ball straight back and does his job properly that doesn't happen!

Glenn Hoddle Sky Sports

"As a management team in European games you will tell the people who are instructing the ballboys that if you are winning the game, don't get the ball back quickly. That's your home advantage, in a way."

Steven Pienaar @therealstevenpi

I'm not saying its the correct thing 2 do but when in the heat of the moment u just want the ball

Stan Collymore @StanCollymore

Hazard deserved red (violent conduct rule). Kid is a prat. Ballboy job is to give ball quickly. End of. Is that enough of an opinion?

Gareth Bale @GarethBale11

Unbelievable decision by the referee to send Hazard off but congrats to Swansea. Who'd have predicted this final?!

Joseph Barton @Joey7Barton

After reviewing last nights footage, I've come to the conclusion that the games gone. Ballboys aged 17, time wasting, then rollin round like they've been shot. Games gone. He was actually claiming to be best time waster in the world on Twitter yesterday! WTF' that all about? ... Hazard only crime is he hasn't kicked him hard enough...

Rio Ferdinand @rioferdy5

17 year old ball boy… is that a wind up!!? Is being a ball boy now a career move??

Pat Nevin Radio 5 Live

I was very disappointed with the way that the ballboy acted. He must have been watching footballers with the way that he rolled around and pretended to be injured. He's only got one job and his job is to go and give the ball back. What does he do? He keeps the ball. I have to say I was absolutely amazed this morning to find he's 17. Not 12. Not 13. He should know what his actions should be in that situation. His behaviour was disgraceful. I would have kicked the ball out from underneath him if he was behaving like that, 100%."


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Racism remains a "significant problem" in British football despite improvements in recent years, according to a House of Commons committee report.

The report responds to "continuing concerns" following the Patrice Evra-Luis Suarez and John Terry cases.

John Whittingdale MP, chair of the inquiry, said: "Recent incidents of racist abuse in the UK highlight that there remain significant problems."

MPs also said homophobia may now be the most prevalent form of discrimination. )

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FOOTBALL - Miroslav Klose could make his fifth appearance in a semifinal match in a major tournament (European Championship or World Cup) if he sees action in Germany’s Thursday semi against Portugal Italy. He would set a record if he takes to the pitch.

Most semifinal matches played at World Cups and European Championships
stats )

Klose: I will not put my ego before the team
The former Bayern marksman has admitted he does not like being a substitute, but would never put himself before the collective effort

Germany forward Miroslav Klose has admitted he would not put his ego over what is best for the team, but has conceded he finds it hard starting on the bench for die Mannschaft.

"I will never put my ego before the team," Klose told German magazine Kicker. "I have never done, and will never do so."
more )

don't crush my dreams, Jogi.
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#1: Cristiano Ronaldo, POR
Considering his sustained brilliance for Real Madrid -- 84 goals and 22 assists in 67 games over the past two seasons -- it's a wonder that the world isn't running out of adjectives to describe the Portuguese forward's play. Whether deployed on the flanks or through the middle, exhibiting his lethal skills and swagger from set pieces or close range, Ronaldo is the best there is in the European game today. (And the richest, too; $17.06 million in reported salary, as of 2010.)

Though his club side has plenty of world-class talent to surround and support him, Ronaldo's record with Portugal is far less clear, and makes him an intriguing case heading into Euro 2012. Largely expected to single-handedly lift and lead A Seleccao, CRon did manage five goals in qualifying but watched his side struggle, losing to Denmark and Norway but scraping through to a playoff with a superior goal difference. From there, a Ronaldo brace anchored a 6-2 playoff win over Bosnia & Herzegovina, giving the mercurial forward a chance to impress in Poland and the Ukraine.

Such is Ronaldo's career; no matter how incendiary and brilliant he is with globally worshiped teams like Manchester United -- he won three consecutive Premier League titles, a Champions League title, a Ballon D'Or and two PFA Player of the Year awards -- and Real Madrid -- a La Liga title, European Golden Shoe and the inaugural FIFA Puskas Award for "most beautiful goal" -- there is still the sense that he has something to prove. With his country drawn in the toughest group alongside Germany, the Netherlands and Denmark, all eyes will be watching.

you are in for so, so much text... )

source has photos + expert's opinion + stats that I was too lazy to add in

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Decided to do these in installments so there'll be two or three more parts :333 You can still vote for the remaining 11 categories, goooo! hairwego

So anyway, here are the winners for Hero, Dish & Villain from the votes you guys made.

++ )

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On this day, 23 years ago 96 football fans - mothers, fathers, children, brothers, sisters and friends - went out to watch their football team play.

They never came home and justice has never been done for them.

It doesn't matter who you are, where you´re from or what team you support, if you call yourself a football fan then today you should at least spare a thought or prayer for the 96 innocent fans, their families and the survivors of the tragedy of that fateful day in Hillsborough that shaped the future of English football as we know it.

You Will Never Walk Alone and they should never be forgotten.
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Fabrice Muamba taken off ventilator, is now speaking in French and English

Although Bolton Wanderers' former England Under-21 international remains in intensive care, statements from the medical team treating him at the London Chest

Hospital have sounded a note of cautious optimism.

Chelsea midfielder Michael Essien, who visited the hospital on Monday night, said Muamba had spoken in both French and English to him.

These reports followed a succession of improvements in Muamba’s condition after the footballer had spent two days in a medically induced coma in an effort to reduce swelling around his brain.

With his heartbeat and blood chemistry being closely monitored for signs of any deterioration in his condition, by 3.30pm on Monday surgeons felt sufficiently confident to reduce his reliance on the mechanical aids that had until that point kept him alive.

By the evening they had removed the ventilator that had previously kept him breathing.

Hospital statement and more. )


Edit: Oh man, apparently his first words were "Where's Josh?" in reference to his son.
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Uli Hesse on ESPN Soccernet provides a brief history of tough tackling:

"In Middelburg, a city in the South West of the Netherlands, there is a theme park/museum called the Voetbal Experience. It's been mentioned here before, on account of a tongue-in-cheek area devoted to the footballing relationship between the Netherlands and a certain neighbouring country (see: "Dutch-German rivalry on the wane?", May 25, 2010)."

This way to broken limbs and ended careers )
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• Bolton say player 'in a critically ill condition'
• FA Cup tie at Tottenham abandoned

Fabrice Muamba

The FA Cup quarter-final between Tottenham Hotspur and Bolton Wanderers was abandoned just before half-time on Saturday night after the Bolton midfielder Fabrice Muamba collapsed on the pitch. The 23-year-old was taken to hospital after receiving medical treatment on the pitch and Bolton later issued a statement saying that he was "in a critically ill condition in intensive care" at the heart attack centre at the London Chest Hospital.

It was unclear what caused the Bolton player to fall down in the 42nd minute with the score level at 1-1, but he was in obvious distress. Players and staff immediately realised the seriousness of the situation, with Tottenham's players gesturing frantically for the paramedics to come on. The medical teams sprinted to the scene. Muamba lost consciousness and several attempts were made to resuscitate him on the pitch using CPR. Bolton's manager, Owen Coyle, shouted: "He's just collapsed," before running across to join the paramedics and looked on as the medical team struggled to revive his stricken player.

After six minutes of receiving heart massage, Muamba was carried off the pitch with a defibrillator being used. Efforts to revive him continued as he was transferred to an ambulance. Coyle, and Bolton's club captain, Kevin Davies, accompanied Muamba to hospital.

The referee, Howard Webb, consulted both managers and the two captains, Nigel Reo-Coker and Scott Parker, and took the players off the pitch. A few minutes later it was announced that the match was abandoned. No explanation was given but the crowd began chanting Muamba's name and applauded before filing out quietly.

Spurs said in a statement: "Tottenham can confirm that Fabrice Muamba has been taken to hospital following his collapse on the pitch during the match at White Hart Lane this evening. The match was immediately abandoned. Everyone at the club sends their best wishes to Fabrice and his family."

Read more... )


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