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In entertainment you cannot buy, Marca publishes an article about how BBC is bad at reporting news in a public catfight about Gareth Bale. Get this, the title is: "The BBC's reprehensiBale smear campaign"

tl;dr )

For the record, Marca does not engage in campaigns; it informs readers. Rigorously. Something that apparently can no longer be said of the BBC who, like ITV, seem now to be all about drama.

[Marca, but I wouldn't click becaus Marca >_> x]

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Cesc Fabregas allegedly took on a double-decker bus and ‘punched’ it in the windscreen after he was reportedly captured on camera in a road rage incident.

Bus driver Martin Hughes claims that the Chelsea player cut in front of the 93 bus to Putney Bridge in his £150,000 Aston Martin Vanquish on Wednesday afternoon.

Hughes told the Sun on Sunday that the maneuverer forced him to mount the kerb. He alleges he tapped the footballer’s windscreen to complain about his driving, only to be sworn at.

Apparently revealing to the footballer that the incident was filmed on his on-board camera, Hughes claims he told Fabregas: “I know you and I've got it all on camera - and by the way you are a s*** footballer.”

Hughes alleges Fabregas then sped off, stopped his car, got out, walked up to his bus and punched it in the windscreen.

Hughes added, however, that the bus was not damaged.

A spokesperson for Fabregas is yet to respond to request for comment.

The Spanish player was forced to withdraw from the match against Manchester City on Saturday with a hamstring injury.

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Real Madrid step up their interest in David de Gea: HERE

(No, please. I like him in Manchester United. He's doing a great job and is the starting GK there. Why would he give that up to warm the bench for Iker?)

Arsenal consider Asier Illaramendi as an alternative to Sami Khedira: HERE

(Hmmm, I'd rather have Khedira with us because we need a DM like, now. Plus, there's an entire German contingent, including Bug Eyes, waiting to welcome him with open arms.)

And speaking of Khedira, practically every club still wants him: HERE

Hugo Lloris also on Madrid's radar: SOURCE DE JOURNALISTIC INTEGRITY

(Loving these Iker replacement rumors.)

Manchester City make £10 million-a-year offer in bid to snap up Liverpool, Arsenal and Manchester United target Marco Reus: HERE

(As long as he doesn't go to Chelsea or warms the bench at the Etihad. Can he just pull a Jens Lehmann and Rosicky and just come to Arsenal?)

According to Rat-Face, Real Madrid was interested in signing him: HERE

(Well, well, well.)

Chelsea is interested in Antonio Rudiger as replacement for John Terry: HERE

(Wait, what? He's an Arsenal fan! He should come to us!)

Forgot to add this priceless one:

Madrid are looking at prodigiously buttocked Eden Hazard as a replacement for Mistress Headband Gareth Bale while fellow Welshman (no, not the Welsh Prince, he can stay forever at Arsenal) Ryan Giggs is apparently persuading him to come back to the Premier League, preferably to Old Trafford: HERE

(Nope. I'm quite certain that won't happen. Mou's not gonna give up Hazard, his protege to Real Madrid and Flo isn't gonna sell a player for whom he paid 100 million euros. It doesn't make sense.)

Some of this information has been posted at Hala Madrid as well.
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Press expects shock, outrage from AFC fans. (omg how dare he!!!!!1!)

Arsenal fans running to Danny Welbeck with open arms may have slowed down when they saw the striker still clutching on to his Manchester United washbag while on England duty.

Welbeck scored two goals as England downed Switzerland and his profile ascended but he hasn’t quite managed to update his club garb just yet, as reported by the Daily Mail.

After he left Old Trafford in a £16m move it was strange that Welbeck kept so tight-lipped about the club he’d played for since he was eight years old.

He only spoke of how he pictured himself playing for Arsenal – maybe the fact that he’d been forced down this route still stung.

Many neutrals won’t understand the full appeal of Welbeck. Although he didn’t score as many goals as he should have, he was treasured by United fans because of his work-rate, his clear technical ability and the fact that he was a local lad who seemed well-mannered and good-natured.

It all could have worked out so differently…

You can see Welbeck now on England duty in the picture above while you can see him when he was a United player last year, clutching the same Red Devils bag.


While I am never surprised the lengths sites will go to produce "news", I still find it utterly hilarious how hard they try.

What are some of the greatest examples of ~reaching~ you've seen?
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Liverpool fans are particularly excited that the club has reached an agreement to sign Alberto Moreno from Sevilla.

The excitement doesn’t stem from their need for a new left-back or that the protracted transfer is finally reaching its conclusion. No, it’s the fact that Moreno looks like the offspring of most Liverpool supporters’ favourite midfield of the last generation that is creating a bit of a stir.

Many Reds fans have noted that Spain international Moreno looks very much like he is the result of a secret Anfield tryst between Steven Gerrard and Xabi Alonso.

source de journalistic integrity

When will your fave OTPs ever produce a secret child, huh? Gernando hew?????
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Obviously footballers causing scandal is so rife it's barely news any more, but when a football journo who covers the accounts of these footballers embarrassing themselves get into a mishap of their own, it causes quite a lot of popcorn.gif. Here are two journos who have gotten egg on their face, I welcome any accounts you guys have!

triffic journalism )

So those are some lolz that I have to share, I welcome yours! :D
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Just askin' because weekends are kinda dull without any premiership football, so I thought I'd take up that time reading from any journos you recommend.

My personal favourites are Oliver Kay and Sam Wallace, though Bill Edgar of the times has a crazy head for random statistics so I'm a big fan of him too!

How about you?
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Because I'm a pernickity so-and-so who gets 50 shades of glee from pointing out estbalished football journalists' errors, I noticed three in newspapers this week that were pretty much unforgiveable.

upload to failblog )
How about you bbs? Got any scans/photos or printscreens of journalistic fail?
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and as tradition dictates, the press begin to sabotage it before it has even begun.


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Alsooooo, The Times calculated the chances of various teams progressing and winning the Europa League, based on bookies' bets & some sort of mathematical model-

What are the chances? )

And I'll end with a broadsheet getting some punchlines out of Torres-fail:

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Fairly fangirlish and pointless blog post I wrote on how Jamie Redknapp's dishiness helped exonerate his father yesterday =) But I thought I'd share it 4dalulz. XD

A Face for the Defence. )
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NEIL LENNON and Ally McCoist joined forces last night to slam a newspaper story that criticised Celtic coach Alan Thompson for having a drink with Rangers’ keeper Allan McGregor.

Celtic manager Lennon was incensed by any suggestion of wrong doing after the pair were spotted in a West End pub in Glasgow – while McCoist insisted it was a good thing that Old Firm rivals can enjoy a pint together.

eyeroll.gif )

Actual front page news, this was. Posted to highlight how pathetic, tbh.


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John Terry, who has denied making a racial slur against Anton Ferdinand, with the QPR player

England captain John Terry will be charged with the alleged racial abuse of QPR's Anton Ferdinand.

The Crown Prosecution Service say there is sufficient evidence for the Chelsea star to face trial over alleged comments to the defender in a Barclays Premier League match at Loftus Road on October 23.

Alison Saunders, Chief Crown Prosecutor for London said:

“I have today advised the Metropolitan Police Service that John Terry should be prosecuted for a racially aggravated public order offence following comments allegedly made during a Premier League football match between Queen’s Park Rangers and Chelsea on 23 October 2011.

“The decision was taken in accordance with the Code for Crown Prosecutors and after careful consideration of all the evidence, I am satisfied there is sufficient evidence for a realistic prospect of conviction and it is in the public interest to prosecute this case.

“Mr Terry will appear before West London Magistrates’ Court on 1 February 2012.

“He is now summonsed with a criminal offence and has the right to a fair trial. It is extremely important that nothing should be reported which could prejudice his trial.”

The news comes days after new footage was handed to prosecutors, who have been considering whether there is enough evidence to bring charges against the footballer.

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