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With Cech moving to Arsenal, Basti moving to Man Utd and now, Iker to Porto, this transfer season has been INSANE.
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Iker Casillas talked to Cadena Cope about his last period at Real Madrid. He was asked about Mourinho/Ancelotti, Xabi Alonso, his bad moments and his future.

ABOUT XABI ALONSO SAYING NEUER IS THE BEST GK HE'S PLAYED WITH: "I don't care what Xabi Alonso says. [After being asked again:] In the last years our relationship has not been adequate, but it is always like this, you have teammates with whom you can get along well or not. Being part of the club demands from us to perform as a team to win titles and that's what we have done."

ABOUT WHO IS BETTER COACH, MOURINHO OR ANCELOTTI: "Ancelotti is better. Those were hard moments. From the outside they look different than from the inside, it is not the same being in the dressing room or looking at it from the outside. Our position is clear. Everyone can have an opinion, like in the case of Xabi Alonso, but in the end you have to follow your beliefs and that's what I did. In his time here I did not speak of him when he was in my locker room, nor do I think that I have to talk now when he is already managing another team and I'm with my team. It would be a bit self-seeking and little cowardly on my part. [I hope] things go very well for him. In the time that he was at Real Madrid, he won titles and you have to give him thanks. [Asked if he would greet Mourinho:] Without a problem. Maybe last summer when things were fresh each of us looked a different way, but if I cross paths with him tomorrow I am going to extend my hand, then it will be up to him if he shakes it. I think he would do it. We had a relationship of love and dislike."

ABOUT HIS FORM: I want to be considered the best goalkeeper in the world again, I train and compete for that. When you have won it 5 times, the standards are the highest. Now the last year they gave it to Neuer, and he deserves it, but my hope and idea is to compete and become the best again. I had moments when I felt alone, sad, hurt. You suffer. Some days I had to hold back my tears and sometimes I cried. I didn't feel isolated from my teammates, but from the team yes, because when you are injured you only hear crap, you are a scapegoat and you don't defend yourself. I didn't talk because I have to look for the benefit of the club and my teammates. I'm neither a saint nor a mole. I'm Iker Casillas and I only try to be in Real Madrid's goal every weekend to try and win titles and because that is my way to the national team. Yes, of course [I considered leaving Madrid]. You try to find solutions. Let’s just say that I had several meetings with the club ... But in the end I opted to stay. I told them that I must play or go. The only thing is that if you start the season and you’re not playing, you must understand and respect the coach's decision to choose someone else. I want to play, but I’ve never demanded to play. The club have behaved in a very loving way. They have always tried to motivate me during difficult times. I’m not thinking about June, only the next morning. At the end of the day, I’ve received so much [from Madrid]. I’m back focused on enjoying my time here, I feel important again and hope to exploit the opportunities I get. I’ll be 36 by the time my contract ends in 2017. I need to be realistic. At that age, things must slowly be considered. I hope the club tells me that they want me to continue, but I think I should go step by step. We’ll see when the times comes. I hope my head and body are still in terrific shape and that the club offer me the chance to continue for one or two more seasons. [President Florentino Perez] has always been kind to me and encouraged me to stay positive during my low points. I hope [to end my career here].

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It was a long interview (over an hour) with quick questions and answers, so the responses and the tone might not get across perfectly with the quotes (I haven't been able to watch it all yet, but it reads much more serious than it sounded). You can watch it here if you understand Spanish. I wasn't aware there were problems before between him and Xabi Alonso?
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FIFPro, the World Players' Union, and FIFA today announced the five goalkeepers shortlisted for the FIFA FIFPro World XI 2014 as part of the 55-man shortlist to be revealed on Monday 1 December 2014. Last year's winner and two debutants are among the five nominees.


Claudio Bravo (Chile, FC Barcelona)
Gianluigi Buffon (Italy, Juventus)
Iker Casillas (Spain, Real Madrid)
Thibaut Courtois (Belgium, Chelsea)
Manuel Neuer (Germany, FC Bayern Munich)


- Manuel Neuer was last year's World XI goalkeeper
- Claudio Bravo and Thibaut Courtois make their debut on the 55-man shortlist
- Iker Casillas was the World XI goalkeeper for five straight years: from 2008 until 2012
- Gianluigi Buffon was the World XI goalkeeper in 2006 and 2007.
- Gianluigi Buffon is the only goalkeeper to appear on all ten World XI shortlists since the introduction of the World XI in 2005.
- Next to Gianluigi Buffon, five players have always been mentioned on the shortlist until last year: Ashley Cole, Didier Drogba, Andrea Pirlo, Cristiano Ronaldo, Wayne Rooney.
Petr Cech and Víctor Valdés lost their place on the shortlist to Claudio Bravo and Thibaut Courtois.
- The five goalkeepers on the 2014 shortlist are from the same five clubs as the five goalkeepers on the 2013 shortlist: FC Barcelona, FC Bayern Munich, Chelsea, Juventus and Real Madrid.


Bravo and Courtois have no tag? :(


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