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German defender Mats Hummels takes it to Twitter on November 19, 2014 to answer fan questions... and hilarity ensues!

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When will your favs make sure schoolgirls are studying and paying attention in class?


Anyways, what would you ask your favorite footballer on Twitter?
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Mats Hummels has said he is not tempted to move to Manchester United or any other club, adding that what he has at Borussia Dortmund “is truly unique”. The defender, who joined on loan from Bayern Munich in 2008 and then permanently the following year, added that if he moves abroad, it will not be because of money.

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Yass, my loyal & selfless prince. This is basically another reason why i should buy either his German NT or BVB kit.

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As written by Patrick Imoh: After 25 years handing out bookings and overseeing some of the biggest matches the sport has to offer, arguably the most recognizable official in European football is blowing the final whistle on his career.

The Premier League announced Wednesday that Howard Webb is retiring, turning in his refereeing job in favor of assuming a newly-created position that will allow him to oversee the performance an development of the league’s officials.

Webb, who was in charge of both the 2010 World Cup and Champions League finals, has been named the Technical Director of Professional Game Match Officials Limited (PGMOL).

In a statement from the league, Webb’s new role is described as one that will allow him to manage a training program geared towards “the successful development” of referees in the lower leagues, with the ultimate goal of getting them to the top-flight of English football.

Understandably, the 43-year-old is looking forward to the new role:

"I am very excited to start this new chapter in my career after a wonderfully rewarding 25 years on the pitch,” Webb said. “I have spent over a decade with the best seat in the house for Barclays Premier League matches, been lucky enough to be involved in nine UEFA and FIFA tournaments, and taken charge of the UEFA Champions League and FIFA World Cup finals.

Refereeing has given me so much and it’s important that match officials who have had the rewards remain in the game to pass on their knowledge. I also have much more to learn about the business of refereeing and the best place for me to do that is with PGMOL. It’s an incredibly positive working environment and we all have a common goal of improving refereeing."

more about Webb's career at the source.
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SERIOUSLY? Are you still reading?? I have nothing to say here. Nothing I write will leave the remotest impact on you. There is no word or phrase in the English language (or any language) that can ever speak louder than ...

Khedira and Poldi, if you're wondering
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Robbie Rogers, who outed himself as gay in february 2013, got back on the field last sunday
He currently plays for LA Galaxy and on sunday he got to play for the last 13 minutes against Seattle Sounders.
Here's an interview with him on CBS.

I'm so proud of him!!!
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Today on 12/12/12 we celebrate the miraculous birth of the King of Denmark, the god amongst men, the owner of our centreback-loving hearts, the one and only Daniel Agger!!

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Iker was balding, no one can deny it. No matter how much you love him you have to admit that. But now he isn't. What the hell? Was it Rogain? Implants? During the Euros he was balding, now not so much. What happened?

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(but bald is/was beautiful)

yes, that was a faux cut but I have permission
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Ajax Captain Jan Vertonghen Will (finally) Join Tottenham Hotspur

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Flawless Belgian prince thanks you for your time. (src)


Getting in our transfer targets early, LIKE A BOAS! Now we need a couple of strikers, a versatile winger, another keeper, and a replacement for Modric. No big deal!
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The former Portuguese international joins the Ewood Park club on a free transfer following his release from Braga at the end of last season, signing a two-year-deal.


So very happy that Nuno gets to continue playing. I have loved him forever. My favorite currently playing footballer and only 2nd to Eusebio for favorite of all time.

If you want to know more about him, check my blog post out I wrote last year when he was released from Benfica.

oh, and he's a fine, fine human being.

He's so well spoken!

I will forever until my dying day stan this man. I'm also 99% sure almost 50% of my kit collection feature his name and number. Woops.

HAPPY EARLY BIRTHDAY, NUNO! (His birthday is 5 July)


Jul. 3rd, 2012 09:05 am
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Sexy Villas-Boas thanks you for your time.

I'm excited and a bit scared! This is a huge gamble for him and the club and I hope it pays off. Now give me some signings!
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So RTVE are currently keeping us updated with the NT's movements in preparation for the celebrations later this evening which in general is:

"The agenda of the day for the Spanish team. At 15:00CEST they will arrive at Barajas Airport, at 17:00CEST they will be received by King Juan Carlos at the Zarzuela Palace . Later, from 18:00CEST, in an open-top bus, the players will make their particular parade the streets of Madrid, until 20:30CEST to arrive at the Plaza de Cibeles ."

So I declare this the party/celebration post and while we wait for the celebrations to begin, feel free to post pics/celebration pics etc

Also, what do you think Pepe's player introductions will be this year? Can he improve on Euro '08 and WC '10?

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Greetings, ontd_fb. I've lurked this comm on and off since the world cup two years ago, today I finally have something to contribute.

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The rest on my facebook (public link):

If there's anything people would like to use/repost, take whatever, no crediting necessary; but it'd be nice if you leave a comment and let me know where it's going. Cheers.

Edit: I know if I was crazy enough I could have tried stalking/paparazzi stuff, but I did the whole ambushing Liverpool players outside Melwood thing last month and didn't like it much (was great to have the chance to say encouraging things to the players but camera in their face without permission didn't feel nice at all).
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Alles Gute zum Geburtstag Toni Kroos!
It's Toni's 22nd birthday 
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Yesterday Bayern landed in Doha, Qatar to begin their winter training camp

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EDT: After visa problems Rafinha has arrived in Doha much to Manu's delight 

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I'm bored so you guys.. let's celebrate 2011!!

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guess who wins "Best Dorky Smile"

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Post your own list folks I will enjoy reading them. <3
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Germany, best selection of 2011; the Spain of Del Bosque is fourth to ‘France Football’


Germany was the best selection of 2011 according to France Football magazine, which puts Spain in fourth place in its annual balance after four consecutive years of dominance of the ‘red’. Defeats the combined of Vicente del Bosque in the friendly matches-picked explained for the magazine the fall of the champion of the world and Europe in a year in which eight victories in the eight official matches valid for classification have joined the UEFA European Championship next year. These results “have not been commensurate with the hopes” that generates about Spain, which he has placed in the ranking of the magazine behind Germany, Italy and the Netherlands.
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Germany coach Joachim Low named 'Man of the Year' by Kicker

The prestigious award is announced annually to the greatest figure in German soccer over the course of the calendar year.


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Joachim Löw: “Team concept is really without any alternative”

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