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Hi guys! I tried doing this on Tumblr but didn't get a lot of support so I thought I'd try it here. ^^ As some of you may know, I'm a design student in Wellington. And for my Independent Project (which is like our thesis), I've decided to focus on the Clasico rivalry. The title of the project is Los Galacticos, mostly because I'm likening the players to actual constellations in the sky.

What I plan to do is to field an All-Star XI (+ manager) from both clubs and pit them against each other (like I'm gonna have the audience vote on who they think will/want to win.) I have an idea on what to do with the Madrid side but I'm not very familiar of Barca's past players so I thought I'd ask help from you guys (especially for the cules out there) for recommendations! :) So far, I've got Messi (ofc), Xavi, Ronaldinho and Puyi, with Pep as the manager... throw Cruyff in there, maybe? idk. I'd appreciate your help on this project! :D
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Okay so as many of you may know, the U-20 World Cup is held in New Zealand and I bought tickets to the Argentina vs. Panama and Ghana vs. Austria group stage matches. It was a double header so it was a pretty sweet deal for $19 a ticket. (I might also get to watch the Round of 16 matches on June 10 so I'll let you guys in on that as well.) I watched with my best friend who is not a football fan but was still able to get into the game. Football is just so much more fun if you're watching it with a couple of mates!

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Okay, so this is like, 6 months early but I thought it'll be nice to do an introductory post for the Women's World Cup which will be held in Canada between June 6 and July 5.

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The January transfer window has opened and already there has been plenty of movement. In my attempt to not cry about Stevie I decided to make a post.

feel free to use this post to cry or celebrate any transfer )

There's still a way to go until the window closes (February 2), so be ready for the stream of rumors you will hear.

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Well, it's here. 2014 has finally come to an end. What are your plans for New Year's Eve? Your resolutions/hopes/dreams/plans for 2015? Rant about how shitty 2014 was. And reminisce over the great moments you've had this past year. If you're a lurker, now's a good time to de-lurk. If you're new, introduce yourself. If you're with family or friends or all by yourself and need to vent/spam/message or whatever. So come and talk.

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The Guardian's choice of the world’s best current footballers was selected by a 73 global panel of experts from 28 countries (international players, journalists, broadcasters and Guardian correspondents). Today, they revealed Nos. 11-40, before unveiling the top 10 on Christmas Eve to complete this year’s list.

[livejournal.com profile] mrsvixen's post has the players from #100-#41: HERE

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The Guardian's choice of the world’s best current footballers was selected by a 73 global panel of experts from 28 countries (international players, journalists, broadcasters and Guardian correspondents). So far, they've revealed 100-41. Numbers 40 to 11 will be revealed tomorrow. And the Top 10 will be revealed on Christmas Eve. Hohoho. So stay tunned for more.

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The ONTD-FB Calendar has been updated with the CL round-of-16 fixtures!

The Europa League fixtures will be added soon.

Y'all know where the link is but I'm posting it again for good measure:

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Some updates have been made to the ONTD-FB Calendar (to the newbies and lurkers on this comm, yes we have a calendar!) and I thought I'd post it here.

1. There was a problem with the Bayern Munich fixtures for this season. It has been fixed.

2. Thanks to Sky Sports, the Real Madrid fixtures for this season have been added! Also, the next Copa del Rey match (against Cornella) has also been added.

3. Barcelona fixtures for this season have been updated! The Copa del Rey matches have also been included.

4. Fixtures for Roma for this season have been added!

5. Fixtures for Atletico Madrid have been added!

You can access the link in the sidebar at the left of the homepage but for good measure, here it is again: CLICK ON THIS

We also have a calendar on TeamUp which is very empty: CLICK ON THIS

Other things that will always be repeated here:

1. Anyone can add fixtures to, and edit the TeamUp calendar!

2. Also, note that all fixtures are in the London timezone (currently UTC) and will adjust automatically when daylight savings begins again.

3. If you would like to be an administrator of the Google calendar, you can PM me your email address (it has to be a Google account) and I can make you one.

4. Match dates/timings (La Liga, UGH) are subject to change. These will be updated automatically in the event of any changes to the schedule. There are also league calendars that can be used to check the correct timings. These will be updated automatically.

5. Since this is a Google Calendar, it can be synced with iCal and Microsoft Outlook as well!

Champions League: HERE
Premier League: HERE
Bundesliga: HERE
La Liga: HERE
Serie A: HERE
Ligue 1: HERE
Europa League: HERE

Now, do you know that we have private Fantasy Football leagues for the Champions League, Premier League and the Euro 2016?

Champions League:

CODE: 1946641-577864
SITE: http://en.uclfantasy.uefa.com/

Premier League:

CODE: 1369106-382066
SITE: http://fantasy.premierleague.com/

EUROs 2016:

CODE: 2208029-658431
SITE: http://en.eqfantasy.uefa.com/UEFA/15812/clienthome.do

Have a great week, everyone! My precious troll thanks you for your time!

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I'm fortunate because Chelsea sent me this cute little heightchart, so for the most part, the players are ranked for me XD

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What about for your team?
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So, in the match post the other day, [livejournal.com profile] ladya_sama and I were discussing footballer hairstyles and she proposed that we do a post on one of the non-match days.

Since the CL has finished for the month, and league matches are on Saturday, why not enlighten ourselves with a silly spam?

So, here are some of my picks:

Well, no hair post is valid without some Argentinians.

Mullet Messi.

Old school Messi.

Pics! )

Demichelis in May (ugh).

Demichelis in June.

Gago (he looks so shady).

Gago now.

Some non-Argentinians:

Nainggolan has the worst hairstyle, hands down.


Compulsory inclusion in every hair post.

Back when he was The Invincible Torres.

Now, he's Superflop (he's doing well at Milan, though.).

Who are your picks, ONTD-Football? Baldies are also welcome. So, spam away!
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A friend is in Germany. And wants to watch el Clasico on the weekend.

What is the stream Germans use to (legally) watch games? Do any of you know?
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I saw a dude with this on the back of his shirt at Stamford Bridge recently:
erm )
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Normally I'd never make a new post for one gif ... but DAMN IT I spent almost TWO hours scrolling through tumblr to find it, while simultaneously trying to follow three different matches, and, frankly, I think I deserve a medal!

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Arsenal doctors are worried about a mysterious ailment that appears to be affecting new boy Alexis Sanches. The un-diagnosed disease appears to affect his skin, making it extremely sensitive to anything that comes in contact with it, including clothes. As a result, Alexis appears to be in measured discomfort at times, resulting in him needing to take drastic action to alleviate the irritation ...

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