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... finally.
and there is a little video to invite everyone to "like" the official facebook (and follow twitter) starring il Capitano Totti, Osvaldo, Luis Enrique and the new Roma babies Bojan, Cote and Lamela
Sorry I don't know how to embed the Facebook vid, so here's the link!


you'll have daily roma updates and pics and vids like these:

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twitter: http://twitter.com/OfficialASRoma
facebook: http://www.facebook.com/officialasroma
bilingual - Italian an English - new website also on the way (announced for January)

(almost)naked!Capitano approves!
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Sepp Blatter will make way for a successor as FIFA president in four years' time if he is re-elected in June, he has announced.

Blatter is seeking a fourth term as FIFA president and is being challenged by Asian confederation chief Mohamed Bin Hammam.

The 75-year-old told UEFA's Congress in Paris on Tuesday that if he wins he will definitely stand down in 2015, saying: "You know very well that I am a candidate for the next four years as FIFA president but these will be the last four years for which I stand as a candidate."
He added: "Together we have the task of bringing together the adventure we have started.
"We want to ensure a better future for our youth."

The new president will be elected at a Fifa Congress which starts on 31 May.

With Bin Hammam vowing to increase Fifa's decision-making power and spread its considerable wealth, Blatter is facing his first challenge since Issa Hayatou took him on - and lost - in 2002.

Bin Hammam is also currently attending the Congress for European football's governing body, Uefa, as they lobby federation presidents for their vote on 1 June in Zurich.
Uefa members make up more than one quarter of the maximum 208 Fifa voters that Blatter and Bin Hammam will attempt to woo.
The winner needs a two-thirds majority of valid votes cast in the first ballot, or a majority in the second.

Fifa has set an 1 April deadline for other candidates to be nominated by a single member federation.
"We are in extra time," said Blatter, referring to the time left before the election. "Let's wait and see what the outcome will be."

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tag as u see fit
i could have sworn there was a "blatter infection" tag, maybe i just made that up

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Ranieri defends irate Totti after red card

ROME — Roma coach Claudio Ranieri once again sprang to the defence of his captain Francesco Totti who could have landed himself in hot water for a furious reaction to being sent-off.

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(CNN) -- Cristiano Ronaldo and Lionel Messi continued their hot goalscoring runs as Real Madrid and Barcelona moved ominously clear of their La Liga rivals in Spain on Saturday night.

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I must say it's one of the best so far.
Oh God. I swear I don't use vodafone just for him. I swear I don't!
I must say, also, that it features [livejournal.com profile] elisewin16  in it, if I'm right. 
So enjoy!

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Yes its that time again

and the list includes )

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Balotelli: Totti called me a **insert racial epithet here**

Totti: Oh no I didn't!

Roma captain Francesco Totti has strongly denied suggestions he racially abused Mario Balotelli during the Coppa Italia final.

Totti was sent off during Roma's 1-0 defeat to Inter for kicking out at Balotelli, and Totti claimed in Corriere dello Sport that the Inter striker had insulted him and the people of Rome.

"Hearing an absolute beginner, but nevertheless someone with great gifts, repeatedly offending my fans, my city, my sense of belonging to Rome, as well as me personally, telling me that I am finished is unbearable," Totti said.

However, Balotelli was quoted as telling Gazzetta dello Sport that Totti had racially abused him, saying: "N***** ... yes, that's what he said."

Balotelli's agent, Mino Raiola, added: "If he says that, it means that his gesture was premeditated and he was harbouring rancour.

"I don't like it. Mario has sworn that he did not offend anyone. He admits he just said to him, 'Enough with kicks. Don't be a child and let's play football'. Nothing more, then Totti did the rest. I think that racist people are ignorant.

"If it was a premeditated gesture, he should get a six-month ban, not just a suspension in the Coppa Italia."

However, writing on his personal website, Totti has completely rejected those claims.

"I have never been a racist. I will never be a racist," he said. "I have never made a racist comment. I say it now with absolute certainty: never. With the same strength, I wish to say that there is behaviour akin to racism when it involves insulting someone purely for where they were born."

Roma have indicated that they do not plan to discipline Totti over the incident.


Well, someone is lying and I don't like it one bit. 
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The cutest one so far. 
(Wish I could translate Ilary's lines)

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 "Francesco Totti? He would make a great actor. Especially if the movie is going to be filmed next saturday."

ROMA, 25 marzo - Words from big Inter fan and movie director Gabriele Salvatores (Io non ho paura, Come Dio comanda, Quo vadis baby? *great movies*), who talked about the saturday Inter-Roma match. He reveals someone is seriously going to script the Roma captain in a movie. "He is also a great actor. If instead of playing saturday he wanted to do a movie, I'd script him. I will be more than happy. He has something necessary: self-irony, I'd see him in a movie, I think someone is thinking about it. Who? I can't say who. But I heard that someone would propose him this, I think they're valuting and he could be able to do it. Balotelli? No, actors need self-control, like Totti and I like him for this: Mario needs to find self-confidence and stability. There are other Inter players I'd script. Like Milito, a humble champion, the main character, a protagonist, but he doesn't forget this role." 

He also confessed to admire the coach José Mourinho:

"I admire him because he's good at working on his men in the locker room. Something that a good director has to do too."

And about saturday match:

"It's good how these two teams gave birth to a sort of derby lately. I like Roma, but I'll stand for my Inter. Roma has good players. I liked Roma back in Spalletti times, it played a nice football."

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 And I'll never bother you again with these things.

Our polygot captain. First neapolitan, then milanese, then latin, then french lol.
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Rough translation:

I didn't understand much of internet.
(What did Internet do yesterday?)
Then I discovered the pc.
(Does not this book have any title? It doesn't even have pages)
the ADSL..
The internet key..
(ok now lame joke on 'key' and 'chi?' who?)
Blah blah random guy talking.
Then, another lame joke about Totti and tutti = everyone.

I love Totti, he knows he's ignorant and he likes to make fun of himself.


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