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  • Swansea City: Marcus Rashford 'deceived' ref for penalty, claims Paul Clement Did Rashford dive?

Longform read
THE BEAR OF HIGHBURY An imposing figure of Afro-Carribean heritage, he used to protect the travelling ethnic minority fans and later became a mentor to many younger disillusioned fans preventing them from entering the hooligan culture. It's part of the reason why so many Blacks and Asians became Arsenal fans - they felt safe supporting the team and travelling.

Serie A

Ligue 1

Nice 3- 1 Paris Saint Germain

I came late to this game, and it was thrilling. Balotelli started showboating and it was lovely seeing him playing his game

Rocket shooting, goal scoring, stepover scamp.

PSG who?

Premier League

Manchester United 1- 1 Swansea

Man United were riddled with injuries. Shaw had to come off. I could technically leave this here

BUT- Sigurdsson did a BEAUTY of a free kick

I wasn't even mad

Everton 0- 3 Chelsea

Everton had ONE job

Wait, Ake played? As I live and breathe!

Half of the Everton team just feels stale. Like there's no impetus for them to do anything. Koeman has a job ahead of him

Tom Davies, the lad with the blond barnet - he's some player. Only 18, I think

Fabregas gets a cuddle
Middlesbrough 2- 2 Manchester City

I screamed when Boro scored first. Scared a dog

Sané came on after the break

Callum Chambers is alive and in Boro. Call off the search. Or turn it on for Patrick Bamford, because sonnnn...

Tottenham Hotspur 2- 0 Arsenal

Pochettino's best look. Fine knit navy jumper, oversized parka

Spurs had the bit inbetween their teeth, tbh. Kane hit the post about 40 seconds in, Eriksen missed a sitter. Dele drew first blood with a scrappy goal

Kane converted a penalty into goal

Arsenal players thought that Kane had dived

I just like this photo.

High jinx

La Liga


News In Tweets

Smalling invited a few fans to the Man United hospitality box

They enjoyed it, I'm sure

For the first time in PL history and for the first time in 21 years, Spurs are celebrating Arseover instead of Arsenal celebrating St Totteringham's day. Pochettino has gone on record saying that he doesn't care

The media loves a good narrative, and this is one

Kane wants trophies, he's said.

OP: Done! Jeers, cheers and the rest of it
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